Clover Universal Knitting Counter


A new loop style knitting counter that can be used on both straight and circular needles (2.0 mm – 10.0 mm).
The loop allows the counter to be transferred from needle to needle and also allows the counter to be turned at any angle, never twisting the loop while you are using it.

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For circular needles and straight needles!

Easy-to-use counter section

Easy-to-see numbers and an easy-to-turn dial make the counter section a breeze to use.

Easy-to-use loop

The loop can be smoothly transferred from needle to needle, ensuring stress-free use.

The loop can turn 360°, allowing you to turn the dial at a natural angle and meaning it won’t become twisted while you’re using it.

Can fit: Circular & straight needles (2.0 mm – 10.0 mm)

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 cm

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